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Late Night Thinking

I am having one of those episodes where I have so many thoughts in my head that I need to write them down. Hence, I decided to pay Tumblr a visit.

Today, I had an epiphany while having conversation with someone today. Before I could realize the depth of what I said, something like this came out:

Carla has dreams, and I know that because she and I have had multiple discussions about them. The problem is that she surrounds herself with people who have dreams for the sole purpose of having them. They aren’t meant to be realized or achieved. They are just meant to be talked about.

Sit back and reflect on that one. The people “dreaming” have no intention to pursue what they desire—they just like to talk about it. Real question: is that at all fulfilling?

I mean, of course, dreams are crazy and seemingly impossible… but I really think that those aspects are what make a dream so enticing! I get to challenge myself. This is much like window shopping. I like seeing what is out there so when I can afford some of the prettier things, they mean that much more to me.

Clearly, as an outsider, I am conflicted. I have a different perspective than the people I was referring to in my quote. I know Carla, and she has the potential to actually turn her dreams into reality. How do you tell someone, “Hey, you are hanging with people that are content living the way they are living for the rest of their lives?”  I just find it unfathomable that someone can dream and not try. No one gets anywhere without a little (read: a lot) of effort. Nothing is chance; your moment of luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

Perhaps I am just fortunate to have genuine intrinsic motivation to achieve my wildest dreams. I can tell you that certain people in my life have provided me with excellent examples, and those people play instrumental roles in my life. It upsets my stomach to be in the same area as people who are couch potatoes. (Note: I am currently unemployed, but I am still keeping busy! Like they say, “Use it or you lose it!”) Does that imply that I think I am better than other people? No. It is my personal choice to surround myself with positive, proactive (as opposed to reactive or idle) people. I am happiest and most productive that way. If Carla is truly happy with her life the way it is, then so be it. I cannot criticize her for finding happiness. Unfortunately, the key word here is “truly.”

No one wants to look back and realize that they could have made a better decision to get to a better position. I’m all for living in the moment, believe me, but not when my dreams are in jeopardy.

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"There is no force equal to that of an educated, determined woman."
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